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About the project


SEEDS for Education is UP_FOUNDATION’s first evaluation after 5 years of campaigning for education in all its forms.

Since our establishment in 2018, we have traveled throughout Luxembourg. We have met countless children, young people, educational players and political decision-makers – and have listened, collaborated and contributed.

We have summarised everything we have learned in the SEEDS for Education, a position paper outlining our recommendations for successful education. At its heart are our 5 SEEDS that illustrate how education can help children and young people grow up well and develop positively – a plea for our children and young people, but also our society because children and young people are the future and the future affects us all.

Discover the German version of the SEEDS for Education position paper HERE (the English version will be available in March 2024).



We live in an unstable time. Sanitary, economic and political crises, an increasingly globalised society, new technologies and much more confront us with ever-growing challenges.

To keep our balance, we must continually adapt to the changing world.

Thus, we must rethink education to understand what children and young people need to face these challenges with confidence – and to support them in such a way that they acquire skills to help society progress.


Education is the driving force of progress and growth. It helps children and young people develop skills to navigate our challenging world.

Education is omnipresent; we learn always and everywhere. Therefore, it is essential to assume a holistic understanding of education that considers learning in all its forms. To this end, we adopt Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung’s definition of education (DKJS: 2012), which considers formal, non-formal, informal and “wild” education. Children and young people move through all these educational fields throughout their development. They are accompanied by people who influence and support them.

Education concerns us all because, as our foundation’s motto states, “Bildung brauch d’Gesellschaft an d’Gesellschaft brauch Bildung” (education needs society and society needs education).


What now?

Stand up for tomorrow's education!

Do you agree with the SEEDS, our 5 recommendations for a successful education? Then help us make them grow!