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Seeds for


SEEDS for Education is a position paper that offers recommendations for successful education. It comprises 5 SEEDS to be nurtured in order for children and young people to develop positively, starting at birth and extending to adulthood.
Take a stand with us for future education and advocate for an education that enables children and young people to become agents of their own destiny. Together, we can shape our shared future.

Adults often merely think of us as students, but we are so much more. We are independent individuals and personalities with rights who constitute the future of society.

Let’s raise awareness of children’s rights and ensure society lives up to them.


We see diversity as an asset because nothing is more beautiful than a world of unique individuals.

Let’s view differences as an opportunity and promote an education that provides greater equality for all children and young people.


In a world that spins faster than rides at the “Schueberfouer”, we need space and time for curiosity to allow us to reinvent ourselves constantly.

Let’s be more playful and experimental to discover the unknown, explore new things and become more tolerant of mistakes.


Our brains are bursting with ideas, so give us more opportunities to develop them and take action. You will be surprised at the results.

Let’s be courageous and surrender power so that even our society’s youngest members are encouraged to become active and experience self-development.


We learn not only at school, daycare and the Maison Relais but everywhere and at any time: from each other, with each other and among each other.

Let’s regard education as a joint task because education needs society and society needs education.

What now?

Stand up for tomorrow's education!

Do you agree with the SEEDS, our 5 recommendations for a successful education? Then help us make them grow!